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The Design Gallery was founded in 2005 to make decorating easy, fun, affordable and beautiful!


Previously the typical Middle Georgia remodeler, homebuyer or commercial builder found him or herself running from store to store, designer to designer and contractor to contractor in an attempt to find cohesive elements that work together aesthetically, sensibly and affordably. By combining all these services, The Design Gallery provides the convenience of a single resource and the resulting easier design coordination that decorators are now demanding. With a comprehensive list of product offerings, free design services, cabinet design still free and in-house installation expertise for all of our products, we remain as the only service of our kind in Middle Georgia.


The Design Gallery’s staff is committed to high quality craftsmanship, unsurpassed customer service and competitive pricing. We are a complete resource for all of the high-impact interior design elements, including kitchen, bath, flooring, lighting, cabinetry, home specialty, home furnishings and home technology products and installation services. Our mission is to provide superior products and services to every customer, every time, while maintaining a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Interior Design Team

Our interior design team ensures that customers achieve their design vision. Our showroom is packed with the latest, most innovative products and personalized home and commercial interior ideas available. We have fashioned an environment where customers can discover the ease and enjoyment of a coordinated, professional approach to creating very personalized and distinctive interiors. It is our job to listen and then help you create a living or work environment that brings out the best in you, your family and your coworkers. We are thrilled about all projects, large and small, and can provide solutions utilizing everything from moderately priced to very upscale products.

Production Manager

The Design Gallery’s production manager, focuses on delivering customers’ projects to exacting quality standards in a timely fashion. We have put into place processes that allow us to handle your entire project, from estimate to completion and clean-up in a deliberate and organized manner that produces your design dream. In addition, our work is performed by our own employees – not sub-contractors, allowing us to better control the scheduling and quality of work. All of our employees are screened prior to hiring. We want our customers to be comfortable with the people that they are letting into their home to perform work.

The Design Gallery also specializes in universal design, a focus that takes into account factors such as comfort, safety and maintenance. Examples include designing open spaces, wider doorways and fewer and lower thresholds and steps, features that are enjoyed by all homeowners. The concept extends to adaptations that address the changing needs of homeowners, such as shower and tub accessibility and safety, and modifications in countertop heights and cabinet and drawer accessibility.

We invite you to browse our site or visit our store for a sense of the scope of design projects that we can help you bring to fruition. If you would like to discuss your project in detail, call us at (478) 929-0915 to make an appointment and get started bringing your design dreams to life!

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