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Kitchen + Bath

Whether you are building or remodeling, upgrading your kitchen and bathrooms is the most reliable means to add beauty, convenience, function, and value to your home. Finding the right fit is critical to the success of every remodeling project.  The Design Gallery is a Design + Build boutique company that provides practical solutions to our customers through exceptional service and remodeling expertise.

A coordinated design approach that begins first with listening, followed by beautiful design solutions while meeting a realistic budget. These design solutions include cabinetry, countertops, plumbing & lighting finishes, flooring, and custom tile installations while enhancing the elegance and richness of your home’s interior.

Let The Design Gallery’s expert staff show you the latest trends to maximize your enjoyment of your home.


Beyond the design is an excellent installation crew! We professionally install every facet of your project that brings a new level of beauty and functionality to your kitchen and bathrooms. Our team at The Design Gallery sees each project as an opportunity to also build lasting relationships.


We invite you to continue browsing this site for great kitchen and bath ideas or call 478-929-0915 to make an appointment, and begin creating your distinctive home interior!


Whether you are planning a new kitchen or an updated bathroom, we offer custom designs for your kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities.  We represent several high-quality cabinet manufacturers at a great value.  With our Design Team, we can get as creative as you imagine possible.


Let our team help you create the perfect foundation for your new interior!


Beyond choosing a color scheme, selecting the right flooring can be your most important interior design choice. Furthermore, when you begin to consider function, wear and budget needs, your flooring selection takes on new significance. We display a broad assortment of flooring products and price points from a group of manufacturers selected for the quality and value of their offerings.

Hardwood  |  Engineered Hardwood  |  Tile  |  Vinyl


The Design Gallery works with you to craft a lighting plan that complements your business or your home. The primary functions of lighting in our homes are to give us a better view of our surroundings, create an ambience or mood, help us perform tasks, and provide safety, security, and comfort.

In a commercial environment, it is equally important to create an environment that increases your staff’s productivity and enhances your business’ image. The Design Gallery works with you to craft a lighting plan that complements your business by identifying the activities, mood, and image that are integral to your success. Whether you are searching for a lighting plan to maximize the effectiveness of your professional office space or retail store, The Design Gallery can develop the right combination of ambient, task and accent lighting to embody your business personality and improve performance. All in a manner that blends seamlessly with your other design elements.

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